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Open Toe Free - motion foot


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Open Toe Free - motion foot

The Open Toe Free-Motion Foot is excellent for wonderful freemotion sewing and quilting. This foot has an extra-large opening cut out in the front to give you an optimal view of your freemotion sewing and quilting. The Open Toe Sensormatic Free-motion foot is used for stippling and free-motion embroidery. The foot allows for greater visibility as the opening in front of the foot gives you an optimal view of your free-motion sewing and quilting. The open front and transparency of the foot with both vertical and horizontal markings, allows you to easily do stippling or follow a design on the fabric.

. Disengage the IDT™ system. 2. Remove the presser foot holder, and attach the Open Toe Free-Motion Foot to the presser foot holder bar. The pin should be on the needle clamp screw. 3. Press the Open Toe Free- Motion Foot on firmly from behind with your index finder and tighten the screw. 4. Lower the feed dogs. 5. Select a straight stitch. 6. Keeping an even speed, manually move your fabric. Remember, because the feed dogs are lowered, you must move the fabric manually. For even stitches, move your fabric in a smooth, even motion.


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