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Foot for cut 'n' sew attachment

Foot for cut 'n' sew attachmentFoot for cut 'n' sew attachment


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Foot for cut 'n' sew attachment

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Used in combination with Cut ‘n’ sew attachment # 80, foot # 90 for Cut ‘n’ sew attachment cuts fabric edges cleanly and neatens them in a single operation.

Foot # 90 for Cut ‘n’ sew attachment was specially developed for Cut ‘n’ sew attachment # 80. Together, the presser foot and the Cut ‘n’ sew attachment create professionally trimmed and neatened edge finishes in a single operation. To achieve this, the presser foot used with the Cut ‘n’ sew attachment presses firmly on the fabric to produce a smooth cutting edge. The Cut ‘n’ sew attachment # 80’s two sharp knives neatly trim the edge while the fabric is fed under foot # 90. Combining these two steps into one noticeably simplifies and speeds up the neatening of the fabric edges.


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